Monday, 21 September 2015

Healthy Heart

I turned 40 this year and so far, so not too bad at all. To be honest it just feels like 39. The same way that the previous year felt like 38 and so on. I've never really moved on in my head from being about 24 so that's the age I plan to stick at, even when I'm old and wrinkly and crinkly I'll be 24 forever!

Someone did however tell me I was getting close to the menopause, which I thought was very kind of them...

And I got a letter from the doctor telling me to go for a healthy heart check. I think there was an option to opt out but it wasn't really to be encouraged and seemed to be more hassle than just going for the blood tests and then making the appointment. Yesterday was the big day. I was quite nervous actually, mainly about getting weighed and being told that I needed to lose like 4 stone in order to fall into the healthy BMI category (or become a supermodel, which if I lost 4 stone I could of course totally be...) but it all went ok.

Very ok in fact. I have a 0.93% chance of having a heart attack in the next ten years. Good to know! My blood pressure was fine, my cholesterol was well within the recommended thingy and she was quite impressed with my (honest!) diet. I might have neglected to mention the cakes and biscuits but that's just a given. Maybe not. Got away with that one then.

Time was ticking by and it was getting closer to that whole step on the scales situation. I considered taking all my clothes off to reduce the number but seeing as though she measured my waist around my t-shirt that might have freaked her out a bit...I closed my eyes and stepped on. It was in kilos anyway so could have just kept my eyes open. I'm not going to share the actual numbers but turns out I have lost 8 pounds since last year which I was pretty impressed by! Yay, go me!

The biggest factor for my healthy heart, other than my brilliant diet obviously, is the fact that I don't smoke and have never smoked. That immediately takes you up to 5% I was informed. We both agreed that I could use more exercise (mainly so she could write something in the free text box) and I was free to go. Easy peasy, and no need to be nervous after all.

So go get your hearts checked people. It's not as bad as you think it might be, and you get a funky little fold-out booklet with loads of quirky little facts on it. And then you can celebrate your healthy heart by eating a choccie biscuit and having a cuppa! Life is sweet.

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