Monday, 28 September 2015

September Favourites

It's monthly favourites time again! Here's all the things I've been liking, loving, and downright obsessed with in September.

Can we talk trainers? These pink Converse trainers specifically. I bought these ages ago and wore them a few times but then it got hot and as per usual I lived in sandals or pumps. The seasons are starting to shift now and Autumn is rolling in which means time to put some socks back on. Most days I've been reaching for these for a pop of colour and a bit of fun. Make your feet smile and wear happy shoes.

Next up is an essential beauty product for September. We've had Bob the Dog now for a whole month and in that month we have learned that puppies wake up very early. Well, early for us. Like 6.30 in the AM early. This is now my getting up time, which is probably a good half hour earlier than previously for weekdays and about 4 hours earlier for weekends. (You can get so much done when you're up and about so early - who knew?!) But all this getting up so early is taking its toll on my sleepy eyes. Come on down the Pixi Eye Bright Liner. Genius product! Quick swipe of this beauty on your eyes and you instantly look wide awake. Ta-dah!

Speaking of Bob the Dog. Of course he is still my favourite! He's funny and adorable and so soft and I just want to squeeze him up! I've never had a dog before so everyday is a learning curve but when it's this much fun, bring on the education! I took this photo last night and I can't help but think it looks like some kind of still life painting - Dog on Fireplace. Don't be fooled by that forlorn look, he was probably just wondering where his next bacon and cheese twizzler snack was coming from...

Out there in the big wide world, it's been all the fashion weeks and I've become slightly obsessed with following all the vloggers and bloggers to every catwalk show and then going to the Vogue Youtube channel to watch their 1 minute snippets of the final runways. Since going to the Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Laurent exhibitions this year I have a new found interest in all things couture and I'm loving what is being shown - I can already see the high street versions now. Exciting!

BB: Before Bob, we would quite regularly catch up on a few of our favourite shows of an evening, but now our evenings are filled with playing tug of war or hoovering up his entire coat (seriously, how does he have any left?!) so the old TV watching has been a bit sparse. We did catch up with a crazy Grand Designs that featured a very weird man who seemed totally averse to any sort of body hair and built himself a HUGE art gallery/house/shopping centre type space that cost 2 million quid. He owned his own cleaning company so I'm thinking that this is clearly the business to be in - it certainly seems a lot more lucrative than project management...

Another TV series worth mentioning is Not Safe for Work. This was on Channel 4 earlier in the year so will probably be available on the 4OD or whatever it's called now. I was initially drawn to it as stars Vod from Fresh Meat, who is one of my all time favourite characters. She is nothing like that at all in this, and it's actually pretty dark, but it is bloody good. We only have the last one to watch but I've been really impressed by it.

My final favourite of the month is scented candles. Any smell, any size, any range. Anything to disguise the odious farts that emerge out of Bob the Dog's bum. Seriously, I have had to leave the room waving my arms in desperation several times this month. Perhaps a gas mask is in order...

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