Friday, 11 September 2015

New Season

My budget is barely there these days for new clothes so when I do buy, I choose wisely and with things that I know I will get heaps of wear out of. I've added a few items to my wardrobe ready for the new season ahead - can you believe it's nearly Autumn? Where has this year gone?! There's a bit of a theme - khaki/olive green, but it's one of my favourite colours and it suits me so...good investment.

Finally how could I enter into any new season without buying a new striped top. Or hoopy as Dave calls them. This one has the added bonus of an orange pocket for a burst of colour!

They all look a bit blah on the hangers but trust me, they look rockin' in real life and I'm very happy with all my purchases*. I will admit to a couple more splurges (hello Mr credit card debt) but as they are yet to arrive...

How will you be updating your wardrobe for the new season ahead?

*update: the first time I wore this top I was appalled to discover that it split at the arm seam. Huge hole. Not impressed and all out of stock so no opportunity to order a replacement. Big shame as I love how it looked but not impressed with the quality at all. 

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