Friday, 18 March 2016

'Book'et List

As in 'bucket list' - do you see what I did there? No? Moving on...

When you're faced with a whole library of choice for reading material, it's actually quite overwhelming. Which one do I pick? Where should I go next? Do I start at A and work my way through the alphabet by colour? But what happens if I pick a doozy and it ruins my reading mojo? I can't even.

I am reaching out to you, dear readers, to throw some suggestions my way. Let me know a book or two that you've just finished, or one of your all time favourites, that I absolutely have to read. Share the book love! Or point me to your Goodreads account so that I can stalk your virtual bookshelf.

I am considering going non-library (shocker!) for my next one: either The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt or Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. Should I? Which one first? They're both pretty meaty looking, a bit intimidating, and are definitely going to add some weight to my handbag.

Decisions, decisions.

Throw a girl a lifeline, my 'book'et list needs building!

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