Monday, 28 March 2016

March Favourites

Liking, loving, drooling - what did you have for me March?

Snuggly Scarf
I spotted this beauty in the New Look sale. I love that it has a different pattern on each side, blue tartan on one, and grey herringbone on the other. It's long, and snuggly, and I've hardly taken it off since I bought it. This is because for the first couple of weeks in March it was chuffing freezing. Scarf love, scarf life. I'm always a bit sad when it's time to say goodbye to scarf season as I do love it so, but it soon comes round again, especially in the North East of England.

Absolute 90's Radio (Digital Radio)
I came across this one Sunday while trying to escape from the poetry/spoken word bollocks that BBC6 fill up their lunchtime slot with (ugh!) and immediately started dancing around the kitchen to ALL THE TUNES! Since then it's been my go-to station of choice. There's always dancing around the kitchen. And usually belting out the lyrics at the top of my voice. I'm a brilliant neighbour...
Blue Skies
Even though it was still kinda chilly, by the middle of the month there were glorious blue skies to be seen for days at a time. I think I'm definitely embracing it more than ever this year as dog walking in the rainy and grey days? All kinds of misery. Dog walking in the sunshine and the blue blue skies? Let's have a woop! Each day has brought new signs of life as Mother Nature does her thing. Just think, it'll soon be Summer - oh happy days!
Pardon My French (podcast)
I'm a huge fan of Garance Dore. It's kind of hard to describe her these days as she doesn't just do one thing anymore - she's a blogger, a writer, a photographer, a style demon, and most of all she's completely and utterly COOL! I want to be her best friend, she's the same age as me and everything, I'm sure we'd get along like a house on fire, if she wasn't so busy meeting up with celebrities and living a glamorous lifestyle in NYC...ahem. Her latest venture is a new podcast called Pardon My French where she meets up with women that she loves and admires and just chats to them over coffee or dinner. It's funny and warm and wise and it makes me feel like I'm sitting at the next table listening in (dream on, girlfriend). If you like the sound of it you can find the podcast here
I know, it's probably really for the kids (and all the bloggers in the world these days) but I absolutely love Snapchat! My niece is on it too, and so we sometimes send each other silly little messages or videos that no-one else knows about (yes, I am 12). I've un-followed a few people because they were all kinds of dull, but some of the bloggers that I do follow are very funny and it's much more rough round the edges compared to their other outputs. Come on, join in the fun! You can find me on there as clairejens - go on, I dare ya!
That's me done for the month. More blue skies please, April. And some warm sunshine would be kinda cool too. See you there!

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