Monday, 7 March 2016

Round Our Way - sharing Sunday lunch platter at Canteen and Cocktails

As with all good things in life, I found out about this Sunday dinner deliciousness via a fellow blogger, Carli at The Tea Bee. She had made the trip and followed it up with a blog post that had the most drool-worthy photographs and descriptions of the dinner that had me at hello. I suggested the idea to Dave, and he is generally on board with all food things, so we made a date for Sunday. We even got changed out of our dossing around the house with the hairy dog clothes into something halfway decent so it really was like a proper date, and off we went. 

Destination: Norton.

Adventure: a Sunday lunch sharing platter for 2. 

Details: for £9 each you can enjoy roast chicken, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, cauliflower cheese, roasted carrots and parsnips, green veggies, a Yorkshire pudding each, and some super tasty gravy. For just £1 more you can turn that into a choice of two meats. 

Our experience: we arrived at around half 1 and it was still pretty busy. As a party of two we were quite easy to find seats for and joined onto the end of a big sharing table. Orders were placed and we enjoyed a pleasant social beverage and chitted the chat whilst we waited. We did wait about half an hour for the food, but with so many people there and lots of big groups this didn't seem too unreasonable. Besides it was Sunday and we had no other plans so laid back was our kinda way. Once the platter arrived, it was absolutely worth the wait. Oh my! 

Everything, and I mean everything, on the plate/platter was done to absolute perfection. The chicken was tender and juicy, the carrots and parsnips were gorgeous, the roasties were crunchy and crisp, even the cabbage was delicious! Truly yummy. I loved the way you could help yourself to however much or little you wanted, and could dip in and out and add things, share a carrot here, and nick a bit of parsnip's a novel way of offering Sunday lunch and I absolutely loved it. Fantastic value too for such good fare. It was also very family friendly and there were people with all ages of kiddos there enjoying the foodie delights which is a big plus if you have any littles of your own.  

Any downsides? Nothing at all about the food, I honestly could rave about it forever. Dave found the venue itself a bit noisy which could prove difficult if you have anyone in your party who is hard of hearing and wears hearing aids (we both have family members who have hearing aids so tend to be more aware of that kind of thing). As for me, I'm a bit over the whole enamel plate and tin cup thing but that's only a minor thing, and is more about crockery taste than anything else! Oh, I couldn't see anything for vegetarians either which is not great, but we didn't actually see a menu as knew exactly what we wanted! 

We both agreed we 100% would go back again, and I've already recommended it to almost everyone - any excuse to talk about food! 

Head to the Canteen and Cocktails website to find out more. And enjoy! I'm already envious if you've decided to go - I'm still dreaming about those roasted carrots...

(PS. I didn't take any photos at all as was too busy eating all the yumminess but you can see loads of photos if you go to Carli's blog post which is linked at the top of this post). 

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