Monday, 14 March 2016

The Beauty Cupboard - Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment

I think there will probably be a theme to the Beauty Cupboard posts which is value for money. A beauty product doing wonders is one thing, but if it's value for money as well? Then it's a double win for me. Next up is Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.

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This little pot of wonder came into my life on my 40th birthday from Tee. I think I'd saved it to one of my many Pinterest folders dedicated to lotions and potions and she'd been all eagle eyed and bought me it as a special, and generous, gift!

It's only now, one whole year down the line, that the pot is empty. One year! I know you only use a teeny tiny amount of eye cream, but even so, a whole year is excellent value for money! The pot is £20 (I've just done a quick check online) and a year normally has 365 days (except this year of course) which works out at 5p per day. TOTAL BARGAIN!

So on to the product itself. It's definitely creamy, it's really nice to use, sinks right in, has never made my eyes water or feel burny, and in general is a really nice product. It doesn't have any claims like will keep wrinkles at bay, but two people at my new job have thought that I was late 20s in age, so something is working some magic, ha!

It's only the second Kiehl's product that I have used (the other was a serum which I also loved) and I would love to be spendy in a lot more of the range, but sadly it's out of my budget at the moment. One day...

For now, I will continue to scrape what is left out of the tub until I choose a replacement. Any recommendations?

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