Thursday, 11 June 2015

Green Space

The garden we had in the old house was absolutely one of my most favourite things ever. When we moved, there was a little part of me that feared I could never love another garden as much, but I should have had more faith in myself. When we moved in to this house, there was hardly anything to see except lawn but as the seasons are unfolding, so is the garden, day by day. And it's delightful! The colours are all a bit samey and the plants have almost been trained not to grown beyond a certain level, but with our green fingers abound I'm sure it will become the green space that we love the most. 

I never would have imagined that I would enjoy gardening so much. It seems like it should be a hobby for an older person but there's something so satisfying about getting your hands in the earth and watching things grow. Especially fruit and veg! 

Enjoy some green space visuals.

Even though this photo is blurred, I just love the pop of purple in the centre. And these flowers smell amazing! 

I can't wait for all my sunflowers to be ready to brave the outside of the greenhouse. They're my absolutely favourite flower. Oh and I also can't wait for the strawberries. And the raspberries. Having your own green space is truly the Good Life! 

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