Monday, 22 June 2015

Live! - Samantha Durnan and Skinny Living

Two gigs in two weeks! If it weren't for the crappy English weather that would be a stonking start to Summer right there (COME ON sunshine!).

Back to my beloved Georgian Theatre in Stockton for a Sunday evening (school night!) of some live music. This time in the shape of Samantha Durnan on support and Skinny Living as the headliners. 

I might be wrong but I think that I first saw Samantha Durnan play in Mink. She definitely has potential - she's got a cracking voice, particularly when she rocks it out, much like she did when she covered KT Tunstall's Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Yep, right there, keep that up. I think it's really interesting that she's writing her own stuff but that kind of ballad leaves me feeling a little underwhelmed to be honest. Having said that, she's just starting out and I reckon she's one to keep an eye on for definite. 

I had no preconception of Skinny Living. We pretty much decided to buy the tickets when we saw an ad for them on the screen when we were at The Strypes - impulse purchase! After Samantha Durnan finished I expected the instruments to start rolling out, but they had 4 microphones and a box. The box turned out to be the drum, and there were two guitarists, and the lead singer. Ooh but they were good! 

The band were funny, sweet, with good song lyrics, and a really interesting sound. Who knew that you could sit on a box and use it as a drum?! I'm sure it wasn't just any old box, but you know, clever! One guitarist used his guitar for some beats as well, and overall they had a really nice harmony that was utterly delightful and a real pleasure for the ears. They've just played the Isle of Wight festival so they must be touring around the circuit - I would most certainly recommend a listen if you get a chance to catch them. My favourite song was Storybook which you can watch below - but add two more band members and the special box and you get a whole other sound going on. I like. A lot. 

Oh and to the people behind us who talked their whole way through Skinny Living's set? Learn some effin manners and respect. Pet hate right there. 

Take it away, boys...

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