Friday, 26 June 2015


I posted this photo on my Instagram a few days ago of a Clinique blusher that I bought as a little treat. I didn't edit it at all and I took it on a white background to make the colour really pop. Added a couple of hashtags, job's a good'un. 

Days later, I am still getting likes for it! In all the time I've been on Instagram I have never had a photo be so popular. Last time I checked it was at 90 likes. I'm sure in the grand scheme of big 'grammers this is like a drop in the ocean, but for little old me? 90 likes? Wowser!

Lessons I have learned from this:
  • Buy expensive makeup and share it with the world in photo format
  • Buy makeup that looks so pretty you can barely bring yourself to use it
  • Use a white cracked window sill as your background
  • Use the hashtag #beauty or #makeup
There is one thing I am curious about as a result of this one little photo. I was getting updates constantly of likes and comments, each time I turned on my phone or tablet there were more. Do all those huge Instagrammers who have thousands, millions even, of followers just turn notifications off? Otherwise your phone would just be bombarded constantly. I was quite proud of my little photo in the end for generating so much love but I wonder if they just take it all for granted? This world we live in is a strange one for sure...

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