Monday, 8 June 2015

Live! - The Strypes at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton

Those tickets up there were like gold dust. There's a bit of a story behind them. The Strypes were originally only supposed to play one night at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton but that gig sold out in about 20 minutes flat. Disappointed was not even an accurate description. I was in Brighton at the time, far away from home, but luckily very close to a WiFi signal. At about 12.30 am on the Sunday morning I couldn't sleep and I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw that they had added an extra night. I immediately clicked through and got into one of those timed ticket buying situations. Cue me running around a strange house looking for my purse, running into a slightly bewildered Debs on the landing who absorbed my manic 'they're playing another night' squeal, and much excited jumping about when I got the confirmation email. Trust me when I say it was all worth it. 

Actually, worth it is not really a very accurate description either. Oh my. Those boys. Those 4 boys - I'm not even sure they're legal to drink yet, but O.M.effin G did they rock the little tiny theatre (my most favourite venue). From the moment they came on, immediately warming up the audience by telling us in their cutie boy Irish accents 'youse are the coolest town cos you have a Doctor Who shop', they didn't stop. Loud, proud, completely commanding, the energy that came off them was amazing and utterly mesmerizing. They owned that room, very loudly.

With one album and an EP out there in the world, and their second album due for release at the end of July, they stretched the set out to almost an hour. An hour of relentless energy, attitude, and some serious head banging from the bass guitarist. It's hard to describe them - Dave got the whole Liam Gallagher swagger from the lead singer, but I think of them more of a punked up 60's boy band, with their smart skinny suits (except for the guitarist in his Superman tee), bowl cut hair, and their short but brilliant songs. However you choose to describe them, I definitely urge you to have a listen and should they be playing live anywhere near you, it's one not to miss. I came out absolutely buzzing with a massive smile on my face and my ears threatening to ring for days - all the signs of a seriously damn fine gig. 

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