Saturday, 20 June 2015

Round Our Way - The Museum of Hartlepool

When we found out there was an exhibition about pirates on at The Museum of Hartlepool, you didn't have to see 'oooh arrrr me hearties' twice before we were there! A tiny pop-up exhibition as you first enter the museum, there were costume recreations, loads of fascinating facts, helmets to pick up (weighing in at 3kg!), treasure boxes to open, and pistols and weapons galore. For the bargain price of FREE this was a cute little informative exhibition. Probably aimed more at little persons but these two big ones wandered around happily anyway. 

While we were there we decided it was worth looking around the rest of the museum, which was also free. Once again, lots of things to touch and feel and open for the littles, but also lots of really interesting stuff about Hartlepool. And buttons to press, which is still entertaining even when you're a biggie. It's a big place and includes a giant lighthouse light, a real fishing boat that you can climb aboard, and all sorts of artefacts from pre-war to present day. I've just learned today that it's in Britain's top ten free visitor attractions (yay, go Hartlepool!) and I would highly recommend a visit. You can find out more information here. 


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