Friday, 25 March 2016

Peek Inside...My Bathroom

We've been living in our new house for a year now. I still think of it as new, as we're changing things up slowly and making plans for other rooms that are a few years down the line. When we first moved in we knew straight away that we had to do something with the bathroom. For starters, it was peach. And had a brown carpet (ugh!) and a brown ceiling. It was all kinds of dingy and the shower was at best a dribble and at worst, a few droplets of water. It's not the best before picture in the world, but it looked like this:

You see that shower curtain? It used to cling to you every time you had a shower. Ugh ugh ugh! Big yack.

We had the main work done in July 2015, and I'm not going to lie to you, it's still not entirely finished. Obviously all the building stuff is, but we still have a couple of hooks to add and a lock for the door. We'll get there. Soon...ish. When they were in the middle of the rebuild it was kind of hard to imagine how it was going to look:

We had no shower for a week and had to visit our parents in order to be not smelly. And we had workmen in the house for a whole week. When you work from home, that is hard! But I can absolutely say with all my heart that it was worth it. The new bathroom is an absolute joy! The shower is all kinds of lush, the whole room is brighter and just feels so much more like us. I love it! Go on, have a peek for yourself:

You like it? So much better! I love putting my own stamp onto things that have previously belonged to someone else - so satisfying! Next up is the bedroom and I cannot wait. It's all kinds of beige and blah, and (excitingly!) we're contemplating wallpaper - a first! Watch this space...

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  1. That is lovely, but I can certainly vouch for the stress of refitting a bathroom, especially when you don't have alternative facilities available in the house!