Monday, 29 February 2016

February Favourites

Wow, the end of February already? Already two months in to 2016 - you just know it's going to be another flyer. But it's Favourites time again, yay! Here's the likes, loves, drools, and general happy list from the month of February. 

The 90s
I think I've stepped back in time. It certainly feels that way. Binge watching my way through more of the ever fabulous Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I swear it is better this time around!) was interrupted to pick up the new series of The X-Files! Mulder! Scully! Aliens! Ahh, it's like I've been transported back to living in university halls, when we'd turn off all the lights and masking tape an 'X' to the window. We took our fandom very seriously back then. As if that wasn't enough, I got a music voucher for my birthday and apparently decided that I needed to have Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette back in my life. As you do. All together now, "isn't it ironic..."

It's entirely possible that returning to libraryland has reinforced the book loving, but these days whenever I have any down time I'm moving away from the screen and picking up my current read. Even the soggy fish ones are not getting me down. Onwards, upwards, there's a whole library to get through!

Peak (app)
When I remind myself that I studied the power of advertising and how it sucks everyone in, I have a chuckle when I too am totally sucked in. That happened with Peak I can't even remember what programme I was watching when I saw the advert for the app and thought, ooh I love a bit of brain training, let's go and get that right away! I LOVE it! So many games, so much fun, feel how powerful your brain is... maybe... but I am a firm believer in doing anything that can help to improve my frankly shocking mental arithmetic skills (truly, they are atrocious! So bad that I had to ask the bar manager at theatre to round up the prices to multiples of 50 pence to avoid me having a nervous breakdown when people order 3 gin and tonics and a bottle of beer). If you too want to train your brain, go get the app, it's free!

Colouring In
One of my fab birthday presents was a Harry Potter colouring in book. I'm a big fan of this adult colouring in craze, it's always been a favourite thing to do and over the many years of babysitting/nephew and niece time, I would always join in when the crayons came out. To have my own has been all kinds of fun. I love getting my pencils out, putting on some music, and picking a picture to colour in. Don't mock it til you've tried it!

Hermione. With blue hair. Inspired by Zoe London - a blue haired blogger
Can food be a favourite? I think it can be. It's the energy of life, but it's also oh so good. I'm pleased to report that I have eaten my way through the majority of the Christmas chocolate. Mostly by myself. I have a serious addiction to biscuits, and will eat cake at the drop of a hat. I have a fear that if I don't stop soon I'll be eating my way into a diabetic coma...seriously, need to stop. Libraryland is full of biscuits and sweets and cakes too, and lately I feel like it's a legal requirement to try anything peanut flavoured as I stroll the supermarkets. Food, food, glorious food - I want it all. Nom nom.

Other February greatness that wouldn't technically fall into the favourites category but has still provided joy is as follows:

  • my little red car, the mighty Zippy, passed his MOT! Can I hear a woop woop! 13 years old and counting! 
  • We booked a holiday for May in the beautiful land of Northumberland. I can't wait and am already counting down the days. Bob the Dog is coming with us on his first holiday adventure! 
  • It snowed! It only lasted one day but it was a whole heap of fun when it was here. If Bob could speak, he would have been shouting WHAT IS THIS WHITE STUFF as he rolled about in it with total puppy delight
  • My sister came to visit with my beautiful nephew and niece. My nephew is now taller than me, his voice has broken, and he has size 10 feet. My niece has better make-up than me and rocks her skinny jeans with her long, long legs. I love them both to bits and will always adore my Aunty Claire times
How about you? Any February favourites I need to try? Go ahead, enable me, I'm easily persuaded...

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