Monday, 15 February 2016

Use it or lose it

When I made my not a new years resolution at the beginning of the year my main purpose was to get my finances sorted out. It's not had the best start, I will admit, mainly due to a slight disagreement with the tax man over me having two part time jobs (come on, I can't be the only one with this situation in the crazy world of zero hour contracts, however I digress) and losing a big bulk of my salary to said tax man (see? He is not a nice man at all). Petty arguments aside however, one thing I decided in pursuit of financial happiness was to use up everything I already have before buying new. As luck would have it, I had quite the stash. Which might of course explain the financial unhappiness in the first place, ahem...anyway, moving swiftly on, here's my progress report so far.

The losers: I've not had to lose to many things so far - maybe two. The first one was a teeny tiny eye cream, which I tried, and my eyes started watering and feeling slightly burny which is never a good thing, so that one went straight into the bin. I think the other one had slightly gone off, it definitely felt off anyway, so that one hit the bin too. So far, all the rest are proving to be enjoyable discoveries, and there is something hugely satisfying about reaching the end of a product and feeling accomplished. Yes! Used that one right up!

Lotions and Potions: I'm still using up some of my miniature products from the Christmas beauty extravaganza. I only cracked open my first full size shower gel at the beginning of this month, so the way I'm going, I think it will be around May before I need to buy any new stuff. Especially with the current Lush one that I am using which never seems to go down - bonus. It is alarmingly bright yellow I got even more for my birthday and my Ma gave me some of her Christmas stash too. It's like an endless supply!

Makeup: I firmly believe that most makeup lasts forever. Seriously, have you ever used up an entire lipstick? It's a challenge I have yet to accomplish. I have been known to hit pan before with a face powder but my current one is yet another everlasting one, or so it seems. With the extra goodies that came in the beauty advent calendar I think it will be a long while before I have to buy anything new in this department.

Clothes: this is a bit of a tricky category as sadly things will inevitably become battered looking or break and will need to be replaced. The philosophy here is similar to the use it or lose it, or more like wear it or lose it. I've been doing a big sort out of my wardrobe and am gradually eliminating pieces that don't feel like me anymore - where I have won out is that I haven't rushed out to replace it with something shiny and new. Instead I am only allowing myself to buy clothes as and when needed.

Like socks. I needed new socks. Necessary purchase therefore allowed to buy. I also had to replace one pair of pyjama bottoms, and I treated myself to a funky jumper in the sale that cost £7. To have reached almost the end of two months and only bought those clothing items is like some kind of miracle for me. 

How am I feeling? Surprisingly chipper. I'm enjoying 'shopping my stash' as they call it on the internet, and I'm loving finding ways to wear the things I have in slightly different ways to introduce variety into my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, it's not all plain sailing. I did some very drool-worthy moments whilst window shopping on Sunday and I can't help but sneak a few looks onto ASOS for my Style Inspo board on Pinterest, but the window shopping is where it's staying. I am super determined to make this right*, no matter what obstacles might be thrown in my way (I'm looking at you little brown booties with a hole in the sole!).

*unless I win the lottery**, in which case I'll be getting spendy, just because I can!  

**this is unlikely to happen. Not just because of the ridiculous odds, but also because I rarely remember to buy a ticket...

I might do another update in a couple of months. Just to let you know how it's all going. I might even have had to buy a shower gel by then, how rude!

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