Friday, 12 February 2016

Honest Food

Anyone else do that thing where you make a really good effort when you go to work to take some proper wholesome food, a good lunch, and then you work from home and all good intentions go out the window? Just me? I'm so organised when I'm at work - I set out my lunch and snacks ready to pick up the next morning and I'm good to go. I just can't seem to make the same thing happen at home. So much easier to just have a bagel. And maybe a banana. Oh and those fig roll biscuits are just perfect with that 7th cup of tea in the last hour...

I started thinking about this after I saw a blogger share her honest food diary for the week. Her honesty was like my best version of food eating. Three square meals and a couple of beers thrown in for good measure. I mainly wanted to ask how honest was honest. Did she really share all her snacks? If so, hats off to you m'lady, you eat pretty well for a work from home person. 

I would not even dare share a whole food week, mainly for my own eyes as I know if I actually wrote down every single item I would be completely and utterly appalled at myself. Take today for example:

I started out with a bowl of Cheerios and a cup of tea. Followed about an hour later by that one croissant that was leftover from yesterday, and another cup of tea. 

I headed to the opticians to have my wonky glasses straightened, passed by a Greggs and made the impromptu decision to get a coffee and a cookie, cos that £2 deal is just so sweet and the oat and raisin cookie is absolutely delicious. 

Came home and took Bob out for a walk before deciding on two toasted bagels with butter for lunch. Best have that banana to get some fruit in, share 3 pieces with Bob (anyone else's dog totally love bananas?!), and another cup of tea. Oh and a big glass of elderflower juice with my vitamin C, cod liver oil, and evening primrose tablet. 

Quick chat with my ma, followed by yet another cuppa and 2 fig roll biscuits (told you).

That is my honest food diary so far. And it's only 3pm. No matter what my plans for dinner might be, you should know there'll be more biscuits, and maybe even some chocolate as I just can't seem to stop! In this instance, we can clearly see, honesty is not the best policy!

How about you? How honest could you be? Go on, make a girl feel better and share your daily eats below. 

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  1. Ha ha! Love the honesty! Mine swings from being excellent - porridge for breakfast, sandwich & piece of fruit for lunch, pasta & salad for dinner to horrendous - crisps, biscuits at breakfast, sweets chocolate more crisps as afternoon snacks, too full for dinner so more snacks to make it through to evening, can you guess the at work - at home divide? love the honest honesty!