Monday, 1 February 2016


Do you have any little superstitions that you go along with at certain times or are you firmly in the camp of believing that it's a load of rubbish? I've always been somewhere in the middle, but today I'm calling it - this dress is officially my lucky dress!

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I bought it when I was a skinty-skint student and it cost £18 from Dorothy Perkins. I was doing an 'Expo' where I would be showcasing my final project work to prospective employers and we were advised to dress in 'business dress' (ugh how I hate that phrase). I'd been pretty much wearing skinny jeans and mini skirts all the time I was a student and had no clue about what might pass for the dreaded business dress, but I tried this on, I loved the cut of it, I loved the brightness, and most of all it felt like I could be myself whilst looking kinda smart. And it totally did me proud. I felt smart and confident and the Expo thing went really well. Bright patterned dress for the win!

I also wore it for my very first interview post-university. Got the job. The dress nailed it again!

I wore it almost every week the whole time I worked at that job. I'm sure my work colleagues were probably sick of the sight of it by the end of the year. I dressed it with a black cardigan, a black jacket with white cuffs, ankle boots, knee high boots, suede's a very versatile dress is this lucky dress.

Whenever I had to go to a big meeting or was feeling nervous about a day, I would rock this dress out and each and every time I made it through. You can kind of see why I started to call it my lucky dress.

Yet again, the dress came through just this last week. I was scheduled in to read a story to a school session at my new libraryland. I was feeling a little nervous about reading to 25 kiddos so I went with it. Thank god I did! Turned out I wasn't just reading a story but was running an hour long session...with no preparation...all about Spain. Thankfully I had an activity booklet that we had made up. The rest was me basically flying by the seat of my pants - thinking on my feet is a skill that I am continuously bringing to the fore these days. The session was a big success, both for the kiddos who seemed very happy with their little trip, and for me for successfully making it through and kicking ass all at the same time. Go bright patterned dress, go!

I am grateful that for the time being it seems to still be going strong. It's been washed and better washed this far down the line. And long may it live. What will I do without it?! I can't even think about will simply have to last forever!

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