Sunday, 11 December 2016

Catching up

If I do one post telling you about the whole weekend that counts as being up to date, yes? Excellent, let's begin. 

Yesterday was not your average Saturday, nope, it was Fizz's Saturday. Fizz if you'll recall, was from the previous blog life. When it's her special day we're not actually allowed to mention the b-word, we just have to say that it's Happy [insert name of day here] and enjoy present and card opening and eating all of the cake. We're totally on board with a little bit weird round here and accept all quirks lovingly. 

Summing up then, happy Saturday to Fizz, let's eat all the cake. First of all we stopped off at a Christmas market in the brilliantly named House of Blah Blah. It was small but definitely fab and I picked up some cracking gifts for Christmas. I was very tempted by a Christmas tree decoration that said 'Merry Effing Christmas' but I wasn't entirely sure who I would buy it for and we've got parental type people coming to us for Christmas and they might frown upon such words so I left that one behind. We listened to a bit of music, we drooled over some rainbow cake and then we headed off to get actual cake. I had chocolate milky way, it was delicious, and was accompanied by a stonkingly good cuppa. Everyone was happy, let's be on our way. 

Next up, the last night of Dad's Army! Wow, what a week! It's been long, hard, tough on the whole enjoying some chill out time after dinner so you can digest your food thing (translation: no time at all, get out the door woman!) BUT having said all that it's been a crackin' week and kind of made me remember why I do it all as our audiences laughed and cheered and boo-ed the baddies and applauded and applauded and applauded! We ended it in true style with an obscene amount of pizza and a couple of glasses of bubbley stuff. 

aftershow party pizza carnage
Today I'm wearing the first pair of Christmas socks (yep, on the official countdown now) and remembering what it is to have free time to simply potter around the house and just relax. Ahhhhh, what bliss. She says, having so far scheduled in some updates for the theatre socials and now tap-tap-tapping away on a blog post...

The rest of the day I have zero plans. Yep, see that, absolutely nothing! Woop! I think I'm going to get back into my kitchen and enjoy some making and some baking, watch some TV, continue to read my book (The Never List. It's okay but it's never going to be All the Light We Cannot See so my heart isn't really in it) and just enjoy doing Sunday like everyone else. 

Okay December. Now I'm ready for you, for the fun, for the festive, for all the effs and whatever else you might bring. Later, alligator. 

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