Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Big Sing

Today's episode in 'my job is bloody brilliant' was all about the singing. The Big Sing in fact. Local school groups, youth groups, music choirs and a brass band all came together in one happy festive hour of Christmas songs. As you've probably gathered by now I totally threw myself into the spirit of it wearing a fabulous woolly Santa hat with a massive bobble topped with a headband that said Ho Ho Ho on it. And of course we had our faces painted. It's like our thing now, and the girls who do it are sooo good! 

We took loads of photos, we did a few Facebook live videos, we attempted our first Instagram Story, we sang our little hearts out and tried not to cry at Silent Night. We cringed, while singing, as one of the photographers decided that he wanted to take our photo and was there for ages snapping god knows how many photos - oh dear. But most of all, yet another fab day at work was had by all. 

You might be bored of me saying it now but I truly do love my new job very, very much. Once again the shit-eating grins on mine and the other half of my double act (I kid you not, we were actually called that the other day) Rach, say it all really. 

Tomorrow is Christmas nails day! Can't wait to pick my design for this year! Yassssssss! 

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