Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Any YouTube fans out there? Are you watching Vlogmas? I am sooooo far behind! Nearly everyone in my sub box has decided to do Vlogmas so I'm overloaded and with not enough time, but doing my very best to stay up to date with it all! I'll still be the person watching Vlogmas in January though and that is absolutely okay with me. 

I can't explain why I am so attracted to vlogs and YouTube in general. I mean, obviously it's another form of entertainment. It's usually shorter than a TV programme and so you can drop in and out really easily. I think the biggest draw though is one of absolute fascination. I love people watching, and it's like people watching-tastic - quite literally really. The people I watch have such vastly different lives to mine and there's something kind of cool about being able to live vicariously through the eyes of another...I mean take this as an example, one of my subs just went out on a date night (ugh, hate that phrase!) to Disneyland! As you do! It really is just like TV in terms of my reality versus theirs! 

Anyway, I just thought I would do a little round up of some of the best vloggers for me, so that if you fancy dipping your toe in and having a quick view, you can make a really good start! 

ANDERZ or Helen Anderson as she's known on her main channel. Helen already vlogs everyday so Vlogmas is really just her usual everyday vlogs but with Christmassy stuff. I love Helen so much! She's got purple hair for one! And she's in a band! She's basically a total rock chick with a potty mouth and an eff you attitude to go with it but her vlogs are funny and real and she's not afraid to tell it like it is. LOVE HER! 

Fleur de Vlog is completely in contrast to Anderz. She's like the more professional side of vlogging but still totally delightful to watch. Fleur is posh and lives in a massive house and probably has tonnes of money but she's smart and funny and is hugely busy so therefore always here, there and everywhere around the world doing YouTube stuff. If you want to travel the world without leaving your sofa, Fleur is the one to follow. She's just come back from Tanzania for Comic Relief! I have a massive amount of respect for Fleur, she might seem to have it all but she works bloody hard and her vlogs are funny and charming, plus she massively loves Christmas so it's festive fun times all the way!

Claire Marshall or Hey Claire is quite simply amazing! She lives in LA and has some really tough stuff going on in her life with her mom but she is truly fascinating to watch! This is a classic example of watching a reality that is massively removed from my own and yet is still really interesting. And she's called Claire, so ya know, had to be done really! 

Alli Cherry is quite a recent discovery but I'm really enjoying her content. She's very green and right on but not in the in-your-face type way. Alli and her hubby make some AMAZING content - he is big into his drone camera and some of the videos they have made are mind-blowing! So good! So creative! Their little house is super cute too! 

Everyday Estee I couldn't talk vlogmas without mentioning the queen of vlogs herself, Estee Lalonde! She was the very first vlogger I watched and I just became hooked straightaway! Estee and her boyfriend Aslan also make some amazing content, really creative and imaginative and often beautifully filmed...I find their videos mesmerizing, they're almost film-like sometimes! Very talented humans. And gorgeous. And they have a greyhound called Reggie. A really sweet little family and definitely worth a watch. A good one to dip into to try out the whole vlog thing too. 

I could go on forever as clearly I love everyone in my sub box, but the ones above are probably my current faves and the videos I'll watch first before everyone else. 

Do you have any favourites? Let me know, I love discovering new people! 

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