Monday, 12 December 2016


Yesterday was the best day! First of all Dave came home with a surprise present of my very own sparkly reindeer! A big dude and a little baby, silver and gold and covered in lights. I was so excited I squealed like a big kid and basically couldn't wait for it to get dark so that I could see them all lit up! 

Then! Dave and I popped out to help out with something at the theatre and when we came back I could see through the fence these other coloured lights and I said to Dave, there's more lights! What's going on?! Turned out him and Fizz had been cooking up some mischief between them! She too had surprised me with a sparkly reindeer!!! And while we were out, she had sneaked into our garden and placed him with the other two!! OH MY GAWD! 

Cue more squealing and excitable jumping up and down! 

I can't even express how over the moon I am with it all. In fact, I'm really quite overwhelmed at all the thoughtful-ness - girl has all the feels and best stop now or there might be some serious gushing going on and that would never do...

Here's all the family together. 

I still can't believe it. I am so so so lucky to have such fab people in my life that do such amazing things...don't even get me started or that gush tap will be turned to ON. 

Sparkly reindeer! Oh my...

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