Monday, 26 December 2016

Happy Boxing Day!

Almost made it to daily blogging up to Christmas. Almost-ish. But you know what? It's all fine - I think for 2017 we should all work on going a little bit easier on ourselves. I started this lesson to myself on Christmas Eve as I was rushing around town and battling, literally, to get to the supermarket for the last few things I needed. I had all these plans to make and bake and do and achieve and in the end, I mentally crossed about three things off my list including the baking and just bought ready made/ready to eat, and I can honestly tell you, it felt fab! So my life advice for 2017, go easy on yourself. You're welcome. 

Anyhoo, hope you all had a fab Christmas, holidays, time off work, whatever else it might be that you do on 25th December. Mine was tip-top, spent with my most loved ones, and even though I was in charge of making the main meal, surprisingly relaxing. Except maybe that last 10 minutes when EVERYTHING needed to come out of the oven at the same time, and my oven gloves weren't working anymore and I burned my fingers - ouch. 

Here's how my Christmas went down: 

C is for the crazy curly wurly curls that I got from my fab hairdresser on Christmas Eve. I looked kinda like Shirley Temple, with glasses, who got wind burned from Storm Barbara or whoever it was that day. 

H is for happy, all the happy at spending the day with my loved ones. Mwah! 

R is for relaxing. My first real day off in a long while and it was beyond nice to spend it in my kitchen, eating and drinking and laughing with my family, serious sofa time in the evening with Dave and Bob the Dog, Christmas TV and pretty much non-stop eating. Yassssss! 

I is for indoors. I didn't step across the door all day and that was totally all right with me. Oh! Just remembered, we did pop out in the evening for a short dog stroll but it probably helped with the whole feeling like I might pop from all the food! Maybe I should be I might pop from all the food instead...

S is for shower gel. All the shower gel! I'm thrilled to have been treated to lotions and potions for my gifts as it means I don't have to buy any for months and I love trying all the different ones! This year I got 9 shower gels, 5 body lotions, 2 soaps, 2 lip balms, 1 body scrub and 1 fluffy sponge thingy - never know the proper name for them! 

T is for turkey gravy! For some reason turkey gravy was like gold dust this year - almost impossible to find! I eventually tracked some down in M&S and it cost 4 quid! 4 quid!!! I mean it was nice gravy and all but 4 quid!! Outrageous! 

M is for merry and merrry. I had such a fab day. I heart Christmas. 

A is for all the food. This is carrying on today too. It probably should stop soon. Maybe in January. Maybe...

S is for stuffed! And yet I keep on eating!! Oopsy. I'm not gonna lie, my jeans are definitely feeling too tight...! 

Today has been all kinds of fab too. We slept in, went for a very muddy dog walk and blew away all the cobwebs, ate more leftovers for lunch, then Dave went off to footy and I've spent the afternoon catching up on all my YouTube Vlogmas favourites. I've eaten more food, washed my make up brushes, doing a bit of blogging now. I could totally get on board with these lazy days - such a nice change! 

I know it's Boxing Day so the big day has gone but Merry Merry to you all. Lots of festive love! 

Festive Christmas table! 

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