Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas is open for business!

Okay, it's here: Day 1 of my now annual advent where I do my best (very best!) to post something every single day in December. Feeling pretty chuffed that I actually made a solid start. I'm not going to lie, some of this stuff will be scheduled in ready to go out cos girl is busy, but you know that already. I hope you like it. Feel free to join in the comments below and post your own photos/life updates/general chit-chatty fun times - I would proper love that! 

So day 1. Let's talk Christmas jumpers. Last year I was a person who had zero Christmas jumpers, this year I am a person who has three, and a t-shirt that says 'Santa Squad'. If I recall correctly I kept my Christmas joy much better hidden last year by wearing festive socks all month, but this year I am all out - Christmas jumpers all the way! Except in the office, as frankly it's hotter than inside an oven and the idea of wearing a jumper in there is enough to make me swoon. 

This particular beauty is my newest purchase and was bought specifically to wear for the Reindeer Parade when I met Rudolph. Yes that actually happened. It is truly glorious, has a 3D bobble on that baby reindeer's hat and is fuzzy all over! 

I know, I know, it's awesome. If you want to get one yourself, and I really won't mind because who wouldn't, then it's available at your local Tesco. Or at least mine was...

I'll be cracking the Christmas socks out too, but I tend to wear skirts and dresses for work so not quite sure how that's going to work. Tights and socks, especially of the Christmas variety is a hard look to pull off when you're trying for the casual biz-ness dress look. Any suggestions on how to rock that feel free to leave them below. 

See ya tomorrow! 

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