Friday, 22 July 2016

Feeling hot hot hot

Wow-ser! What a week! The UK has been hit by a heatwave and in true British fashion we have moaned about how hot it is. The poor weather people, they just can't win. I'll never forget that year they predicted a BBQ summer and it pretty much rained every single day for two months and there was almost a lynch mob being sent to the BBC...

Yep it's been hot. Super hot for us. Look, I have proof from my (filthy) car dashboard - yes that actually says 30 degrees. 30! 

The thing of it is, we're just not equipped for dealing with it cos it's so blummin' rare. We don't have air conditioned houses, some of us don't even have air conditioned cars (waaahhh), offices and places of work that are supposedly cool generally have one lousy fan wafting hot air back out at you, and inevitably some old dear falls over from not drinking enough water. We really need to get on board with that whole European thing and just shut up shop when it's too hot. Send everyone home for a siesta, and while you're at it, let staff know about the change in dress code so that they're not all frying in their socks and lace up shoes. 

I have kept the moaning to an absolute minimum...okay I've tried to keep the moaning to an absolute minimum. The library is fully glazed all the way round and is super stuffy. My solution: sack the shoes off and resort to wearing sandals, risk of hardback books dropping on toes be-damned! Oh and baggy pants, definitely the way forward. Gone are the strutty pants cos tight clothes = sweaty. And talking of sweaty, there's been a couple of times when I've sniffed myself this week wondering is it me that smells...? Nope. That would be the joys of working with the general public. 

As per the norm, we've enjoyed all our meals outside. The late night dog stroll in the cool of the evening has been lush. And we've sat outside on the bench until almost bed time reading our books and lazily chatting the evening away. I can't remember when I last switched the TV on. Ahhhh, happy days. This is how summer is supposed to be! Time to pop outside for that last morning cuppa on the bench before heading to work. See ya! 

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