Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Weekly favourites

This whole switching to weekly favourites has been a good choice, as July is proving to be a good month for loving all the things. This week I have a couple of skincare/makeup favourites so if that's not your kinda thing I won't take it personally if you click away now. If however, you're in the market for a new sunscreen lotion and a loose face powder then this is definitely the post for you as I have a couple of beauties (pun intended).

First up is the sunscreen. This is a new product from the Body Shop and is frankly, bloody brilliant. It's SPF50 and is PA++++ which basically translates to it's very good protection! Where it has the advantage over most of the other facial sunscreen lotions is that is sinks in super quickly, leaves no white or chalky residue, and doesn't take too long to dry so you can start doing your face almost as soon as you're out of the bathroom. It's been a real game-changer for me as the one I was using before took FOREVER to dry and always left me feeling kinda greasy. And at £16 it's a really good price-point for a very effective and user-friendly sunscreen. I haven't tested this in hot hot hot international climates as girl has no pennies for that kind of holiday, but it's been working very well in the UK summer(ish) days. Highly recommended - find it here. 

Next up is a product from history - who knew?! Turns out this powder that I have just discovered dates all the way back to 1879! Whaaaaaaat? The Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java is in a funky green pot, smells kind of like old ladies but in a mildly floral and inoffensive way (best description ever, eh?) and is truly lovely to use. Dusted over your face using a big ass powder brush it takes away all the shine yet leaves you all kinds of glowy. Magic! If you're not put off by the old lady smell description you can find this brand in most high street/drugstore shops for around about a tenner. Link here.

Same place next week for more favourites? See you then!

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