Friday, 8 July 2016

Five Discoveries

Can you believe that half the year is almost over? How did that happen? I'm still trying to figure it out. What has been even more surprising is that 2016 has been a big year of discoveries which I thought I would share with you today. I'll warn you now, each discovery is totally random and probably a bit barmy, but when did that ever stop me? Ready to start? Here goes. 

Discovery #1: pikelets vs crumpets
Oh Em Gee. I have always been a massive fan of crumpets, that odd fluffy, bread-y circle of delight, drenched in butter, but recently I discovered pikelets and they're a total game changer! They're identical in texture, bigger, but (and here is the rub!) they're thinner. So basically you can eat more. Like maybe half the packet. They're especially good with nutella, but still lip-smackingly good drenched in butter. This is probably the most ridiculous discovery of the year, but anything goes on this here blog, so pikelets it is. In case you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, or want to try some for yourself, here's a handy link: Pikelets of joy

Discovery #2: new friends
Did you know you can still make new friends, no matter how old you get? I don't know why this should come as so much of a surprise, but I made a new friend this year. She's a work buddy, and almost from day one we just clicked. Whenever we're not busy putting the world to rights we're laughing and chattering and just doing the friend thing. We've even joined the gym together to become gym buddies! Can you even? She's only working at my libraryland for another month or so before she returns to her branch and I'm gonna miss her soooo much. I'm still trying to persuade her to pack me into a box and sneak me out when no-one is looking so I can go work with her all the time. I'm sure it can be done, we get some quite big boxes that I might fit into...

Discovery #3: feeling old
I don't mean feeling old as in all wrinkly and the bones aching in your body, well okay, maybe some days; I mean feeling old as in oh those pesky young people and their massive sense of entitlement and lack of professionalism type of thing. Even writing that line makes me cringe a little inside, cos even though I am older, I'm not old - I'm still ambitious myself and want to find a good job that inspires me, has a cool boss, and pays well. But I also understand respect and professionalism. This is a tough one as let's face it, a whole study could be written about this little discovery of mine, but there's just something...what is the word I am looking I think, yes, off about the attitude. It has a bad smell that gets right up my nose and definitely makes me feel old. I do not like, not one little bit. Shall I just retire now...? (I wish!) 

Discovery #4: grumpiness
Have you noticed the common theme between #3 and #4? Sheesh, what is going on? I was always the happy go-lucky girl who had sunbeams shining out of her arse, but these days I am often bordering on the grumpy. As with feeling old, this is not something that I am enjoying. My mam blames it on my age #feeling40 anyone? But I think it's maybe me gearing up and getting ready to sack in the current day-to-day that I know now, and move to the country to be at one with my pigs and my green wellies. There'll be plenty of room if anyone wants to come and join me...

Discovery #5: comfort is king
This one is the most horrifying of all, and if my friend Rachel is reading this, she will be laughing out loud by now, but here we go. Friends, I have discovered that when it comes to shoes, comfort is king. This you will learn after a zombie shift (the name for working many many hours that conclude at 7 in the pm), when you are on your feet all day and have pounded the floor from trolley to shelves and back again many times over. Wearing little pumps that were previously your shoe of choice will kill your legs dead. As in they might stop working they are so stiff. I spent a recent free moment ordering some shoes to verify this. They've just arrived today and it is like walking with a mattress made of sponge on your feet. I can't wait to try them out at work and see how they get on. Luckily they are still cool as effers and there is no velcro to be seen (woop!). My feet and legs are already thanking me. 

And so concludes my discoveries of 2016, part one. Can you even imagine what might be revealed by the end of the year when I do part two? Try to contain your excitement... 

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