Friday, 29 July 2016


Actually that title up there is a bit misleading as I'm really not that big a hoarder. I'm all kinds of good about going through my wardrobe on the regular, and anything that hasn't been worn for 6 months goes to the charity shop; I even give books away now! You just can't keep everything I guess. BUT! I do have a couple of boxes in the loft that I am hoarding with my life as they're filled with happy, beautiful memories from years gone by. In those boxes are all my diaries and letters from university. 

I kept a diary absolutely religiously from 1988 through to about 2008 when Dave and I started going out. I think once I had an actual person to tell all my secrets to, I didn't need the paper diary anymore. But for 20 years I went from notebook to notebook, scrawling down my daily thoughts. There's ticket stubs from gigs and cinema trips and holidays, and I don't even want to think about the cringey teenage years where I probably just wrote about my TV soap habit. Some day, after I'm long gone, it'll give someone a right old laugh to have a read through them all. Or, you know, they might just get thrown away. Whatevs. 

I recently found another box in the garage that was full of all my uni stuff and I laughed for ages going through all the notes we used to leave on our hall doors, and the letters we exchanged in the holidays. So many happy memories that won't mean anything to anyone but me! 

But how could you throw away 60ft Dolls and Bluetones gig tickets? It just can't be done! I suppose I might have to one day, but maybe when I'm ready I'll go through and re-read them all - I won't have anything else to do when I'm 95 will I?! And I'll look back ever so fondly on the madness and the stupid things we got up to when we were students who could drink 6 pints, stay up until 2am, and still get up for class the next day! 

Happy days. Happy memories. Worth a hoard or two...

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