Monday, 18 July 2016

The one where I get a new job

A couple of weeks ago I saw this job advertised that sounded all kinds of interesting. It was full time (trust me when I say that this is like gold dust where I live, it's so rare) and permanent (see above and add a large number of exclamation marks to reinforce the rarity), but there was one small problem: the closing date was just over 24 hours away and in that time I had to do a zombie shift that finished at 7pm. Not to be deterred I started the form and decided that I would come home from said zombie shift to finish it off and submit it for the deadline. Best laid plans and all that. Just for a change, the zombie shift was killer and by the end of it I'd decided that there was no way I could finish the form as I wouldn't be giving it my best shot, basically I almost talked myself out of it. In true Claire-style, I had a word with myself, and set to it zombie-state or not. By way past my beddy-bob-time the form was all done and I was completely done in.

You can only imagine my surprise when about a week later I got an email inviting me for interview! I was stunned. And properly chuffed. Zombie-state for the win!

Days flying by to another week and the day of the interview rolled around. I only changed my outfit twice in the space of about 10 minutes...which coincidentally was also the length of the presentation I was due to give. And the interview was at 1pm which is basically lunchtime - hello starvation! As seems to be the case with all my interviews recently, there was some sort of problem with the presentation software so that was delayed and the first few interview questions asked instead. I can't proceed here without talking about progress. The very first interview I ever did that involved a presentation was essentially 30 minutes of absolute terror. I had never done a presentation in my life, I stood up with my legs shaking, and read from my script without even lifting my head. It was AWFUL! Since then there has been a whole lot of practicing and a whole heap of progress - I was ready!! I had my notes in my hand but didn't even look at them. The best way to describe how it went is this: think of a really animated Claire, all flying arms and waving hands, pointing at the screen and turning back to look at the interview panel...even if I do say so myself, I totally nailed it! If it would have been appropriate I would definitely have shouted out a woop woop!

The rest of the interview passed by in the same sort of animated state really, full of enthusiasm and positive energy, I gave it my all. I left there feeling really positive and thinking, well if nothing comes of it, I know that I kicked ass in there. Now we can have a woop woop for sure!

A few hours later I got THE call. The call telling me that I had got the job. Yep, she only went and did it! Found the gold and everything. I haven't really stopped grinning since then, and have been overwhelmed by how lovely all my peeps are about the news. So. Much. Love. The celebrations will be stretching out for weeks to come, bring on the fizz! I'll tell you more when I start, but for now, wherever you are, raise your glass/cup in celebration and share the finding of the gold dust - it's got a lovely sparkle on it...

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