Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Weekly favourites

I have two favourites for you this week. As you've probably figured out by now these weekly favourites are kind of random, but there are no rules here, favourites are favourites - the end. 

First up is a golden glittery eyeshadow. Yes, I am 41 years old and I love glitter, ain't no shame in that. Ever since the Florida haul of joy from D, I have basically been wearing everything that she bought me on my face every single day. It's summer time, summer-ish, so I embrace a barely there base with a hint of colour on my eyes and cheeks for that no makeup, makeup look. I must be doing something right as I was actually complimented on my subtle eye makeup just the other day. A quick swipe of the golden glitter just adds a nice sparkle that catches the light just so. Yep, it's love. Makeup love. 

The second favourite of the week is that transparent springy looking thing. I know some of you are probably wondering why girl is showing you a strange springy looking thing but let me explain. That is a hair bobble/tie, and it is a thing of absolute genius! My hair, as most of you know, is thick and coarse and kinda batshit crazy, and normal elastic bobbles/ties do the whole snapping thing, including the evil prang on your finger from said snap which hurts like a mother-effer! That springy thing up there - no snapping, no pranging, and it wraps round my hair THREE TIMES! THREE! Genius. I have no idea who invented them but if I ever meet them, I will run up and kiss them with sheer gratitude for upping the hair bobble/tie game! I also have it on good authority from a fine hair work buddy that they work equally well in that type of hair too. I'm pretty sure you can get them all over the place, but to save you time looking here's a dandy link to the ones I got: Bargainous £2.50 genius hair bobbles. You're welcome boys and girls, totally welcome. 

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