Monday, 25 July 2016

The magic of the movies

In the last two weeks I have been to the movies three times. Three! That is at least two more times than I went in the whole of 2015. Which probably explains why the first time I went I nearly fell over in shock when I discovered that it cost £10 for a ticket. 10 whole pounds. Wow. I miss my student card case it costs that much where you live, I thought I'd do a little mini review of each film, to help you decide if you want to get that spendy. 

Ab Fab: the movie
As a long time fan of the series, and as per the norm when it comes to films these days, I had no idea what this was actually about, I just knew that I wanted to see it. It was very much like the series, all the old favourites were there and it was basically a celeb-fest of how many celebrities can feature in one 90 minute movie. It was silly and funny and passed the time in a very amusing way. Eddie and Patsy will always be ridiculous characters, but sometimes girl just needs a bit of ridiculous to make it through the working week. If you're in the mood for some chuckles and some celeb-sighting I'd definitely recommend this one. 3 out of 5 stars! 

The Secret Life of Pets
I have to admit I thought this was going to be way funnier than it actually was. And I also thought it was more about what the pets would get up to when their owners were out, not a rescue mish around NYC. Maybe it's time I started reading what films are actually about again...there were definitely some LOL moments, and a couple of big belly chuckles at how easily the dogs were distracted (ooh butterfly!) but overall it was just okay for me. The best bit was going out for tea afterwards and eating all the yum. 2.5 out of 5 stars. Next! 

WHO YA GONNA CALL? GHOSTBUSTERS! With girls. I'm still singing the theme song. As you'd expect this was very funny. And kick-ass. And definitely worth 10 of my hard earned pounds. My absolute fave was Kate McKinnon, mainly because she had the coolest hair and made all the shoot'em up stuff. The effects were amazing and we only saw it in 2D cos that 3D thing scares me a little bit and I think it will make me feel all kinds of dizzy. So yep. Definitely worth a watch. And now I really want to watch the original one again! 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

More movies needed now. I'm on a roll. What shall we see next?  

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