Monday, 11 July 2016


I've been enjoying the world of gardening for a few years now, planting stuff, growing stuff, it's so satisfying and I firmly believe it truly is good for the soul. Except maybe weeding, cos that's just boring. Last year, when we moved to the new house with the smaller garden we finally (finally!) had success with growing a wildflower garden. We had tried this so many times, in so many locations, and failed miserably every single time, but failure is no more! Oh ho no, now we have a MASSIVE wildflower garden that is absolutely full to the brim with red poppies, purple poppies, cornflowers, yellow daisies...I don't even know what half of them are really! The wildflower garden is right outside our back door and it fills me with joy every time I open that door, which is a whole lot when you have a dog by the way. 

This year, we upped our wildflower game even more by registering for Grow Wild, a project to bring flowers to the people. All the flowers! I got a huge box full of wildflower seeds which I passed around to friends, family, neighbours, people at theatre - basically the wildflower joy is all across Teesside! I lost count of how many packets we chucked onto our own wildflower patch, and believe me when I say that chucked is the best way to describe my growing tactic - empty the packet, turn around in a big circle all the while scattering seeds. 

See for yourself:

It's really just starting to bloom so every day brings new flower joy. You can see how full up it really is!

See the buzzy bee in the photo below? That's one of the reasons we grow the wildflowers - save the bees!

And finally, the magic effects photo:

Which sums up exactly how the wildflower garden makes me feel - magical. I love it! And I'm not ashamed to admit that every morning, come rain or shine, the first thing I do is go up to the fence and see what's popped up overnight. Happy gardener, right here. 

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