Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Best birthday!

I had an absolutely tip-top day yesterday, on the day of my birth! I'm sure it won't come as too much of a surprise that it mainly included eating all of the food and all of the cake. You didn't guess? Nah I don't believe it! 

Work was work, but it was broken up really nicely by going out for lunch. And then going to buy cake. And then eating cake number 1. Woop! 

Came home to heaps of cards to open, flowers from Dave, more flowers, pink fizz, super hot chilli chocolate - so many lovely gifts and so unexpected! More wooping! 

Went to theatre and ate some really bloody delicious pizzas and chips with my theatre family where more cards and presents appeared - so spoiled! 

There was lots of coughing (standard cough and cold of doom comment - has to be done) but there was also more cake. Two more pieces of cake in fact. Yep that totals 3 cakes in one day. Yes I am a pig. And sadly yes, I guess I do care actually. 

And so today, the day after my birth, is the day that the gluttony stops. I'm not going to promise it's healthy eating all the way as I know that will be impossible and also not entirely desirable, bor-ring in fact! However there is some necessity for a pause and reboot type situation - just say no to the chocolate! 

Cold of doom and no cake. I guess no-one will want to read along now *sad face*

Over and out! 

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