Sunday, 22 January 2017

Weekend summary

1. ALL OF THE FOOD: This has to be in big, angry shouting capital letters as frankly the weekend can be summed up as eating all of the food. It started on Friday when I went to Deb's and we basically ate half of a rather large rectangular pizza each, accompanied by potato salad from Marks and Sparks and half a bar of hazelnut Lindt chocolate. It didn't really get any better when on Saturday night, our night away (!) I had an Asian style chicken burger that was so huge I could barely get my mouth round it. Of course I rallied on to ensure that the eating took place. This was accompanied by three times cooked chips (oh! so good!), fruity coleslaw and half a portion of beer battered onion rings. Deciding that wasn't enough we then went on to share The Dirty Dozen, a sharing dessert platter that was three types of ice cream, meringue, cookie crumble, brownie crumble, chocolate sauce, white chocolate chunks and berry compote. That kind of ended up doubling up as breakfast as when we woke up in the hotel this morning, the very idea of going to put more food into my already massive food baby belly was rather stomach turning. It's now several hours later and I'm about to polish off a Sunday roast which Dave has cooked for me. This very large paragraph is actually pretty grim reading, talk about gluttony. I think after the birthday it is most definitely time to take stock and get the food eating back on some kind of even keel. 

2. Watching 'Sisters'. When you have a cough that is brought on by laughing it's probably not the best thing to watch a totally hi-larious film all about sisters starring the wonderful Tina Fey and Amy Schumer. Oh how I laughed. Oh how I coughed! Big love to Debs for a) letting me go to her house with the cold of doom and b) discovering said movie, which she has actually now watched about eight times, not a lie. 

3. Birthday weekend away: After five years of cancelled plans due to various reasons that we don't need to go into, we finally made it away for a birthday weekend celebration! We headed to the rather delightful Kingslodge Inn, in Durham. We arrived in the dark and drizzly rain but that didn't stop us taking an evening stroll around the beautiful city before heading back and eating all of the food (see number 1 and try not to judge). The hotel was beaut, we had a sofa in our room, I know! The food was lush, the bed was big and comfy, all in all, a lovely time away was had. We would have stayed around for longer but we had to head home to pick up the Bobster from the dog sitting people... 

4. Speaking of big, bad Bobster, he stayed out for the very first time on an overnighter. We were assured that he behaved really well but since he's arrived back at home he's been sick all over the carpet and slept all day. Either this has something to do with the murky black stuff that was lingering around his mouth when we picked him up (dogs will literally eat anything, they are gross, true fact), or he's in meltdown cos we left him overnight for the first time and has decided to punish us. I'm swinging from one to the next at the moment. I'm not sure he's so bright to feel such stress, even the dog sitter basically said he is a big dopey blonde with nothing between his ears...cheeky, but kinda true *chuckles* but I'm sure he'll be fine tomorrow. This dog ownership thing is all kinds of tricksy! 

5. Cold of doom: Well I had to give you an update! It's still there. The cough literally will not die, and may kill me in the process. It's now advanced to some slight wheezing - worrying. I'm trying the pharmacist advice of this Day and Night Nurse for three days and if it's not gone by then I'm calling in the big guns and making a doctor's appointment - maybe it just needs some really good antibiotics to get rid of it for good and proper. But all the advice tells you to avoid visiting your GP and visit your pharmacist. It is truly hard to know what to do for the best as I really don't want to waste any GP time, but at the same time I can't put up with this for much longer, it's bloody rubbish! Stay tuned for more exciting updates...

6. And that's it! A rather eventful weekend but a blooming lovely one! If only they could all be this chill. Well, except for the dog barfing, but I guess you can't have everything! 

Hope you had a fab one! 

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