Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January stuff

I decided to make a quick comeback with a stuff that made January bearable post. It's been a hard month really, and I seem to have felt the dark mornings and dark nights so much more than in other years, but I think that has mainly been down to the general 'bleurgh' that has come with the cold that shall no longer be named. 

Being hermitty has been right up there as one of my favourite things to do. I've liked nothing better than putting the fire on, turning the lights down low and snuggling up on the sofa with my favourite human and animal and settling in for the night. There's been some TV watching but a lot of the time I've been completely and utterly absorbed in my current read, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. There's something really cosy about reading when it's dark and cold outside and the curtains are closed against the outside world...like the equivalent of a big fluffy blanket! 

The only other really rather good thing about January has been the birthday celebrations - it's both mine and Dave's this month and we had a big family gathering, a night away, a pizza feast with our theatre family and lots and lots of cake. It was pretty fab really and my birthday keeps on giving as I'm still catching up with people who always seem to bring me presents - lucky me! Lots of snuggly, SO SOFT scarves have come my way, as well as some delicious lotions and potions and other delightful treats. Girl truly feels spoiled. 

I will definitely be glad to see the back of January 2017. So much bad and sad and snot and coughing STILL! But I don't want to end on a bad note...I'm hoping to be back in February with my daily blogging, well nearly every day, as long as there's something interesting to chat about. We'll see how it goes, no pressure, just fun. Fun in February - here's to that! 

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