Sunday, 8 January 2017

Freezer Sunday and feeling human

I feel like we need to start with a hallelujah! For the first time in about 12 days I actually feel like Claire again. Woo-flippin-hoo! Don't get me wrong, Queenie's cold is still lingering, I'm still coughing and going through more tissues than your average human, but I don't look so much death warmed up anymore and I definitely don't feel death warmed up. I actually felt a tiny sparkle today. Man did that feel good! Even my hair looks less ill! I'm hoping out of the other side is in sight and that it wasn't some sort of weird feel good day before a set back. Fingers crossed! 

I think it's safe to say that you guys will be happy to see the back end of it too! So much moaning to start off my year in the life - pah! 

All in all, Sunday was a pretty good day. I spent most of the morning in the kitchen, which is one of my favourite places to be. About once a month I go and do a big meat shop (vegetarians, look away now!) and then I spend a few hours making lots of different meals out of it all. Today I made up 4 servings of chilli, some yummy meatballs and a couple of spicy burgers. I also used up some veg that was in danger of being thrown out to make some tasty butternut squash and sweet potato soup, and then two black bananas were turned into a banana and chocolate chip slice. Yum-mo! 

The freezer food thing works really well for us as it means that we get to eat home cooked meals that can be heated up super quick when we don't have time to linger over dinner. I think it's that frugal upbringing of mine shining through, but my mam taught me well and I can make some basic ingredients go a long way! And knowing that I have a tasty dinner waiting for me at home helps me get through the day sometimes! Girl is ruled by her stomach, completely and utterly. 

I also finished one book and started in on The Goldfinch. It's mighty at 834 pages! I'll let you know the verdict at the end, whenever that might be. 

I also finally saw my parents, after avoiding them since Christmas so that they didn't get the evil cold. It was nice to catch up with them, chit some chat, put the world to rights, the usual parents get-together. 

And now I'm off to watch the penultimate episode of series three of The Fall. I read somewhere that the last two episodes are genuinely terrifying so I've got my cushion ready to hide behind! 

Until tomorrow...

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