Monday, 23 January 2017

Night Nurse nightmare

Take this, the pharmacist said, it'll knock you out and help you go to sleep...

That was a complete and utter lie. I took it. And BANG! I was wide awake! By 2am I still wasn't asleep. I finally dropped off about half an hour later and woke up feeling not so great. Thank god for being able to work from home! I've spent most of the day in a total daze, but a pretty productive one. Lots of things achieved, on top of my 'to action' emails, all in all, not too shabby, considering I've had approximately 4 seconds of sleep. Liars! 

I went to the GP instead. Lots of deep breath in, deep breath out, blow into this puffer thing and try not to fall over at your rubbish lung capacity...I now have a very short dose of steroids to reduce the inflammation and hopefully send the cough from hell out of my body. Come on! 

All that breathing in and breathing out wasn't so good for me. I came home and for about an hour I coughed and coughed and coughed. There was a lot of swearing. A lot. Even Bob covered his ears at one point. 

Anyhoo, that was today. How was your Monday? 

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