Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Working girl

Wow that 6.30 alarm was HARD! Especially when I'd woken myself up just an hour or so before with the strange rattling noise coming from my body which has something to do with the cough/cold of doom, but I did it! I dragged myself out of bed and set about the day. 

A beautiful but challenging walk in the frosty, sparkly streets. That dog will pull...and we live on the top of a bank...which means walking down the bank...and fear of falling over - eep. No falling today. 

Work. Cough. Work. Cough. You can see where this is going. 

Two people asked me if I was okay. Like are you really okay? One of them was my big boss. I said it sounded worse. Truth. 

Went out for lunch and ate stupid amounts of pastry. Not so good, but the tarte was very fine! Pats self on back, I have prepared my lunch for tomorrow already. What? Who am I? 

A dreamy sunset over the skies of Boro that was absolutely worth leaving the office for without a coat or a cardigan...

A food shopping trip from hell as I did the shop, cough, shop, cough thing. All the while pulling up my tights that have been falling down all day. Valuable life lesson: tumble dryers and tights do not mix. You're welcome. 

Tonight we're off to theatre. And so it begins. 

Cough, cough, cough. 

Over and out. 

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