Monday, 2 January 2017

Packing away Christmas / tidying and sorting

Back to work tomorrow - boooo! But I think one of the easiest ways to ease yourself back in is to have Christmas all packed away, even though the house looks so bare and sorry for itself when all the decorations come down. It took us most of the morning but by lunchtime we were all done. The walls in the hall have seriously suffered from where we stuck the cards up, oopsy, but we have big plans this year and the hall is the first in the big plans so those marks will be gone, sometime very soon hopefully! Super organised, we even remembered to pack away the outside lights - yay! And, the best thing of all, the boxes are back up in the attic too - woop! *pats self on back*

Devil's cold upate: still coughing, still sneezing, can't seem to do too much or I have to sit down and wheeze a few times. Great start to the new year...having said that if I see one more thing talking about "eating clean" I might just up-chuck all my snot all over. I hate the phrase clean eating, as it basically implies that if you eat any other way then you are clearly a filthy, dirty food monster who will implode and take down the health service with you as you go with all your demands. What's wrong with saying that you are eating well - making sure that you get a good balance of all the necessary things, doing your best to squeeze your 5-a-day in and not judging on anyone if they take some time to enjoy some cake and a hot chocolate here and there. I think that right there is balance, just saying. 

Moving back on track...

Once the tree came down, there was some sort of idea of tidying and sorting up the dreaded wooden drawers. These drawers become magnets for everything that we don't have a home for and eventually they overflow, we end up with too much of something we don't need (7 rolls of sellotape?!), stuff gets bought, can't be used and then receipts are lost and can never be returned or exchanged, it's like hoarders corner! So I did some tidying. And sorting. I found lots of money in strange currencies and about a zillion tiny euro coins that might actually amount to enough for a baguette and a few macarons if we ever get to go to France this year (cross everything!) It's like Spring came early or something with all this cleaning! I'm not quite sure what's come over me! 

One last evening of dossing about and doing nothing before the work thing starts all over again. Ho hum. I'm trying really hard to embrace the idea of new year, new opportunities, new exciting things...but being lazy is sooooo nice! 

More worryingly, Dave is cough-cough-coughing. Let us hope this isn't leading to the devil's cold. One person with said cold is bad enough, but two? A plague on both your houses! Or both your heads, as it were. 

Over and out. 

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