Friday, 6 January 2017

On Friday we try...

That should actually read Friday was trying. I'm so bummed that I'm starting out my year of blogging in this negative nelly state but this EVIL COLD THAT WILL NOT DIE is really getting me down. And anyone who knows me in real life knows this is so not me. I felt so rubbish about it all today that I almost started crying on the way back to my car tonight. This is not a good way to start 2017. Good job I didn't go into it with all these resolutions and positive sunbeams shining out of my arse type posts, eh? 

So yep, today sucked. Big style. 

I came home, I may have ranted about it for a good ten minutes. Not proud. 

We decided to go and get fish and chips for tea, at the beach, in the dark. Call me a weirdo but this actually made me feel tonnes better! 

Now I just need to actually feel physically better. I can honestly say, that I haven't felt this rubbish since I had shingles a couple of years ago. As Dave commented the other day, it's really knocked you for six this one. This is a very northern saying but pretty much sums up how it has affected me - I look like death warmed up, I FEEL like death warmed up and every time I cough my whole body hurts, which is quite a lot of the time. Ho flippin' hum. You, evil cold, are an evil bastard (excuse my swearing) and it's about time you effed the off out of my body! Rah rah rah! 

Sunbeams shining out of my arse time? At least it's the weekend! Woop woop! 

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