Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Roving reporter

That whole day on a gritter thing at work the other day really started something off! Today I was down at a site where they were doing a massive clear up on a whole heap of fly tipping, followed by a visit to the bus station where there was an official opening of a dementia friendly quiet room with ribbon cutting and everything! I have to admit, it's kind of cool! I feel a bit like a roving reporter and am thinking of asking for a new job title. Join Claire as she live tweets from [insert random location and random task here] ... it could totally be a thing! 

Tell you what though, that adventure and a couple of meetings meant that I wasn't really at my desk at all and so it didn't feel like a productive day. Even though I obviously did get loads of things done, just in a different location and format I guess, from the usual type of work. 

Also it was really quite unfortunate that to get to the fly tipping site we basically had to cross a massive muddy field. And I was getting a ride in a car that was like a sporty saloon number where you have to clamber in and out of the back seat...and it had cream leather interior...cream leather + mud + trying to get in back seat = tricky shit! Followed by a really big team meeting with a brand new director and I had mud all over my trousers. Hmmmmm. Maybe I need some kind of waterproof suit to go with my new roving reporter status. Wipe clean? Too far? 

I ended the work day trying to take a selfie outside of a museum in town with my work buddy for museum selfie day. That is almost an impossible task when the museum is closed and it's dark outside. Just in case you were ever thinking of trying it for yourself. Don't. But if you want to fall about giggling helplessly as you try to decide whether kneeling on the floor with the camera pointing upwards will help to get the shot, absolutely have it as that is hi-larious! 

I might work in a 9 to 5 job but I can absolutely say that no two days are ever the same! I wonder what madness Thursday will bring? Bye-eee! 

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