Thursday, 12 January 2017

Life lessons lately

It's been a funny old start to the year. The Evil Death Cold, I think, has certainly affected my perception of things and my patience has not been so present, which has subsequently led to some very important life lessons. 

First of all, people are weird. Truly they are. This has been brought to my attention mainly by working in the world of social media. Perhaps that should be amended to people in the world of social media are weird. My basic point is that I think a lot of people don't always stop and think as they tweet/vent out in anger on the socials that there is a real life person on the other end who will have to deal with it. I get it, you're pissed, and the whole venting on the socials thing is your way of dealing with it, but give a girl a break. Hammering out 5 tweets in a row with the same message might just make said girl die inside a little bit...

Can I admit that it worries me ever so slightly that I'm going to become disillusioned very fast with the human race...? 

Life lesson/motto: people = weird. 

I'm still working on how I deal with that one. 

Another life lesson is one of gaining understanding. It can sometimes be hard, when people have ailments that they talk about constantly to have patience and try to be a little bit compassionate. I do try very hard but here is another example of when the Evil Death Cold has come into play. Please don't think for a minute that I'm comparing more serious ailments to my stupid cold, but over the last couple of weeks I have experienced how it can become all consuming when you are feeling rubbish. And you want to tell people about how rubbish you feel. In addition you have very little else to talk to people about as you've not been able to do anything or go anywhere due to feeling rubbish. I feel like all I've done since the beginning of the year is moan to people about my cough and cold and I'm quite bored now so I'm sure everyone else is too - sorry! 

Life lesson: feeling rubbish can easily become all consuming. 
Motto/action: Try to practice more patience and understanding and empathy.

My final life lesson is that even at the grand old age of almost 42, there are still life lessons to be learned. This gives me great comfort. We should continually evolve I think and adjust and continue to 'move with the times' - old person phrase alert! 

Don't be too alarmed by the more serious tone of this post. Nothing wrong with a bit of learning and pondering in the early days of the year. Normal nonsense service will resume from tomorrow. Over and out. 

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