Friday, 13 January 2017

The day of the gritters

I'm making the assumption here that everyone knows what a gritter is...? But just in case, the gritters are the trucks that drive round chucking grit salt all over our roads when the weather is icy and cold. And today I went on one. Yep, Friday was Gritters Day! 

Me and two of my team mates headed off to the depot around about lunchtime. First of all we got a massive tour of all the cool places to see there, including sheds full of seasonal vehicles and the 2000+ tonnes of salt all stacked up ready to fill the trucks. We asked loads of questions, met all the gritters and basically had the time of our lives all in the name of work. We took loads of photos, we did a Boomerang video for Instagram and we did our very first live tweeting. It was all pretty cool, and the best thing of all was that it got loads of really good and positive engagement and showed people exactly where some of their money goes. 

Then we all got to go out on a gritting route! Mine was all through the town, over the border, past some of the best sights that the town has to offer and basically in and out and all around, totalling up 30 miles! And in that time we dropped about 7 tonnes of salt - totally cool! I did more live tweeting, including jumping out of the gritter at the bus station so that we could do a drive-by down the ramp. I loved how on board the gritter drivers were, everyone at the depot really, it was proper ace! 

In total we were all out of the office for about three hours, which is mental considering our crazy looming deadlines, but also totally brilliant and very well received. Driving home we were like excited kids at Christmas, stumbling over each other to say whose grit route had been the best and we did this, and we did much fun! When we got back to the office everyone wanted to know what it had been like, where did we go, oh and maybe we'll need you to go out on Monday with a team that are doing a major clean up operation...YES! What with that and the cold of doom finally starting to shift, Friday was a tip-top day! 

Tomorrow is party time! And Sunday is the big birthday day, although let's face it we'll probably be sleeping through most of that due to some social beverage drinking or two tomorrow...

Happy weekend everyone! 

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