Wednesday, 11 January 2017

TV Times: The Fall

Wow! Have you watched The Fall? We finally got around to watching the final series this last week and I'm not going to lie, I watched the very last 30 minutes hiding in my jumper - it was that terrifying...and yet absolutely bloody brilliant! 

In case you've not seen it, very briefly, Gillian Anderson plays a cop who is brought over to Belfast to solve a case. Jamie Dornan, yep him of that 50 Shades bullshizz fame, plays a serial killer. There's all kinds of other massively complex and scary characters, there's 3 series, and by the final one it's all about whether he will go to jail or not. I haven't really done a great job there of selling it to you, but trust me, you HAVE to watch it. 

The first and second series were honestly some of the best television I have ever seen. Both Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are amazing and hugely compelling to watch. She's all tight skirts and silky blouses and withering glances, and he's all brooding and deeply dark and twisted with his dark brown eyes that are like pools you could drown in whilst living in absolute terror for your life. The chemistry between them is immense! It must have been incredible to be on set when they were filming...I wonder if they just used to burst out laughing sometimes to break the tension...? 

The third and final series was also amazing as you basically watch everything crumble in front of your eyes, not forgetting the nail biting penultimate episode, and the terror and shock as events finally unfold in the very last one. 

It's obviously not some light entertainment. It's serious stuff, but if you're into seriously excellent television then I can highly recommend. I don't binge watch very often anyway but I'm honestly not sure you could binge watch it without needing some sort of therapy afterwards - it's intense viewing. 

Have you seen it? Did you hide behind your jumper too? 

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