Sunday, 1 January 2017


Starting with the obvious - Happy New Year! I hope your new year was fabulous and sparkly and all kinds of fun! 

Mine was sneezing. And coughing. I sneezed so violently it went on my shirt. And I'm pretty sure that after wiping my nose I managed to wipe it all over my face too. Yeah, that was not such a sexy moment...I was in bed by 10pm and didn't even wish Dave a happy new year until I woke up this morning. In a different bed because I don't want him to catch this awful cold. 

Day one - welcome to reality! Ha! If we're going to do this one year, one blog a day thing, I can already tell you that there will be reality in there. It won't all be glamour and sparkles you know! 

Today has mainly involved lazing on the sofa, with occasional movement towards the kitchen for more snacks. I briefly (finally!) went and moved the plants out of the bath that have been there for about a week, declared one of them totally dead (may he rest) and then promptly went back to the sofa cos it had all just been a bit much. I'm wearing no make up, even my hair looks ill, it's definitely not going to be one of my ten best days in terms of style. 

But we're here. 

Day one. 

The congestion is slowly starting to clear, or is that just the drugs? 

I have no idea if this insane idea I came up with the other night will actually happen. I'm pretty certain that there will be days when the blog will be the last thing on my mind, but at the moment I'm really feeling it! I hope you'll join me for the journey. It would be fabulous if we met a few new people along the way so feel free to share it with friends...I have even considered tweeting a link...too much? Too scary more like! 

I've decided to label it as "year in the life." 

Onwards and upwards! Same time tomorrow...? 

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