Thursday, 5 January 2017

Evil cold vs evil week

I've got two options for today: either I tell you about the evil cold that WILL NOT DIE but this will involve a whole lot of moaning about how all I do is cough cough cough and sniff sniff sniff, or I tell you about my evil work week which has mainly involved a significant number of complaints and me wanting to bang my head against my desk repeatedly. The trouble is neither of these things are particularly appealing. Tricky. 

I could tell you about the party instead! So much more interesting. So Dave is going to be really old next week, like properly old, and in order to celebrate we're having a little family gathering. I can't say too much as I know that he reads the blog and I don't want to give away all the good stuff, but suffice it to say there is a whole heap of exciting stuff going on and I'm starting to get really excited now! Mainly for the balloons (I can safely write about this as he knows there will be balloons) cos I love balloons! Love them! And I'm going to get those massive number ones that might not even fit in my car - yasssssss! 

Balloons for life! 

Evil cold begone! 

Evil week can do one at the same time! 

Over and out. 

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  1. Waaah! Evil lingering cold here too! Sorry to hear about evil week, but wishing you a good fresh start to the next one! Big birthday love to Dave too! Xxx